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Erik Seidel


Name: Erik Seidel  
Nickname: Sly  
Date of birth: 6, November, 1959, New York  
Residency: Las Vegas, Nevada  

Ex pro backgammon player.
He worked as a broker on Wall Street
He won over 9 millions of dollars during his career.
8 WSOP bracelets
1 WPT title
Erik was born on 6th of November, 1959, in New York. While he was studying at the university from Brooklyn, Erik discovered backgammon game. He gave up school and became a pro player, often being present at Mayfair Club, a legendary casino from New York. For almost 8 years he lived from playing backgammon and participating to numerous tournaments in USA. However, at Mayfair Club more and more people came to play Texas Hold'Em and Erik started to play the game occasionally. Seidel had to take a job in 1985, because of the lower earnings that came from playing backgammons as a pro. He hired as a broker on Wall Street and began to play more and more poker at his favorite casino. However, in 1987, Wall Street had a significant fall and Seidel had no job. A year later, Erik thought he is good enough prepared to participate at a major poker tournament. At WSOP he got eliminated in 9 of all 10 competitions that he registered at. At the main event, Erik played against Johhny Chan, the en titre champion at the final table. Seidel had QQ pair when decided to go all in, but Chan had a Straight and so he won the tournament. He ended second place but this did not discourage him. Overall, he won 8 World Series of Poker bracelets, his last victory being the one from 2007, when he went home with 538 thousands dollars. Last year was full of success for Erik: he ended second place at Aussie Millions tournament (and he won 1 millions Australian dollars) and he won his first WPT title at the Foxwoods Poker Classic event. His victory during the sixth season of the Wolrd Poker Tour brought him earnings of 992 thousands dollars. Erik’s is still associated with the final that Johnny Chan won in 1988 and no one knows how he would have played then with his current abilities. It is certain that the one called “Sly” is not an ignorable player at the game table. Seidel is married, has children, plays tennis in his free time and is passionate with music. He is a Full Tilt Poker member and can be found playing online.