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How Casinos Try to Prevent Cheating

If you are aware of the fact how much money casinos are earning, it seems only natural that so many people would like to obtain a piece of that cake - in an illegal manner, unfortunately. For instance, in 2010 the casino gaming market revenues in South Africa added up to $1,760 million, while the sports gambling revenue is to increase to $460 million by 2019. As for the US, we’re talking billions.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that people are tempted to get hold of some of the money in a dishonest way. Every day new scams and tricks are being invented and tested. On the other hand, casinos are doing their fair share to protect themselves. So, let’s see how the game is played.


False shuffle

Two can play this game. In order to cheat the casino, the player and the dealer must cooperate. This is also one of the oldest scams there is. While the dealer is shuffling the cards, he/she advertently keeps some of the cards in the same order they had been before dealing.


Now, in order to prevent this, apart from the advanced technological surveillance, it is also necessary to keep track of the player’s winnings and dealer’s losses so as to establish the connection on time. Luckily, the penalties for this kind of offence are severe, so dealers are not too keen on risking everything in this way.


In addition, meticulous research is a part of every hiring process for a new dealer. What is more, a polygraph test is required by some casinos. The prospective employees have to pass it if they are to prove honest workers.


Roulette Past Posting

Once again, two people (or more) are involved, though the dealer is usually absolutely innocent in this case.


Past posting is an oldie but a goldie. In a nutshell, scammers take advantage of the dealer’s lack of attention. Once the chips are placed and the ball is set running, one of the players will distract the dealer while their accomplice places a new bet without being noticed. It is not possible to know with 100% certainty where the ball is going to land finally, but seeing it rolling definitely gives the advantage to the scammer.

The best way to prevent this is by using innovative surveillance technology with sharp image quality. That way, the scammers are tracked easily. Also, people working behind the cameras, so to say, are usually experienced enough to recognize the suspicious behavior when it occurs. Some scenarios never change, no matter how original the scammers may think they are. You can find out more about this casino surveillance technology from PlayCasino.


Card switching/Card Mucking

This one is as old as playing the cards itself, but the new technologies have raised the game to a whole new level.

Basically, there is some new equipment, e.g. a retractable brass holdout, which aids the cheater replace the card with the one they want. Of course, there is also the possibility of plotting the scam with a friend.


So, how is this prevented? The most obvious method is the most common way, too. Dealers are always paying close attention to all the players who come to the table wearing long sleeves.


Plates and face tracking

Thanks to the high-tech era we are living in, casinos are able to do their best. License plate recognition is one of the greatest enhancements in casino security. Each parking lot is monitored and each plate is scanned. Should the license plate match any of the undesired ones (i.e. belonging to owners have a cheating history, or some other crime in their record), the casino can ban the person from entering the place, thus minimizing the risk of scamming.

Besides this, there is biometric facial recognition, too. The cameras scan the people entering the casino and warn the casino operators should the undesired subject appear on screen.

To sum up, this is a war that never ends. While some scammers are doing it just for the money, others like the thrill of it since nowadays the whole deceit can verge on the impossible. Close monitoring by skilled professionals is an extremely important factor in recognizing the scams, as well as having the right surveillance technology with the latest software.