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Word Challenge, Players Battle for $13,000 WSOP* Main Event Packages

Titan Poker is offering five players the opportunity to prove themselves as one of the best poker players in the world and represent their country in the WSOP main event by winning a package worth $13,000 in their World Challenge.

Round 1 is underway with poker players from each country hoping to qualify for the second round of action. After the first round is completed players will have played 10 poker tournaments at Titan Poker, earning ranking points for their finishing position. The top players from each country will form the final 200 players from around the world who will play a further eight tournaments. The top five players overall after the second round is completed will each earn one of the five WSOP packages on offer from Titan Poker and be crowned winners of the World Challenge. The structure of Titan Poker’s World Challenge ensures that only the best players will rise to the top of the rankings and earn their place.

The first round is currently at the half-way stage and in the United Kingdom “pain43” leads the way with 43 ranking points, well ahead of “RoninWarrior” who is in second place with 39 points. Players from Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden are fiercely battling for 20 places on offer to Scandinavian players for round 2.  “Jonezki11” and “kgambles” have 28 and 26 points respectively and look in control of round 1 so far.

The final 200 will feature players from Brazil, Argentina, France, Australia, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Romania and many other countries. You still have time to get involved and win a $13,000 WSOP package from Titan Poker. You can truly call yourself a world class poker player if you manage to earn your seat in the richest tournament of them all, the WSOP main event.


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