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Live casinos - a new experience

Recently the objective of live casino is to make playing as similar to playing in a “bricks and mortar” casino as possible. Thus has lead to the aspect of live casino where players can enjoy and experience gaming in real time with actual dealers.

 How it works

In a live casino there are usually three rooms, a live studio, a software room and an analyst room. All these rooms have powerful cameras to stream live the gaming process. Furthermore every live casino has a game control unit that encodes the broadcast video and a human dealer handling the game. The dealer physically sees the online players through a monitor.

Recently another innovation is the optical camera recognition technology system which has been adopted my live casinos. This technology sends every records of the gaming room experience to its players through a video link. Another advantage is that the optical camera recognition technology enables players to place wagers through their computer screen console and with the optical recognition technology actions such as card shuffles, wheel spins and hand distributions are experienced by the live game dealer are similar to those in bricks and mortar venues. Particularly during the roulette, three cameras are found on the table; offering table shots of the wheel, overhead shots and picture in picture display.

What happens when playing?

Firstly the dealer is filmed and the live stream images are transmitted to the participating players with the help of the optical recognition technology software. Later the wages are placed by the players and the dealers will demand additional information and the casino software process the bets .When no further bets are available, the dealer announces and the game begins. All results are captured by cameras and when players have any question the can ask the dealers who can hear, see and respond promptly. Players always see the results instantly and winners and losers see the outcome displayed on the screen.

There are three popular live casino games played across every top online casino: blackjack, baccarat and roulette.

Live Roulette; it gives most players the feel of a real world casino. Firstly the dealer greets and gives the players a some minutes to place their wagers. Afterwards the dealer begins the game. You can see here, at best online casinos who offer live roulette.

Live black jack; it has very high level of interaction with the dealer. There is always humor between the players and the dealer especially the satisfaction when you beat the dealers hands which is same like beating the computer.

Live baccarat; very common with high rollers and is played the same way like a normal baccarat game although the dealer will place the players bets on the table.

The biggest advantage of live casino is that the players can always track what is going on during the game. From the beginning to the end, the players have the opportunity to follow every situation with little or no doubts.

On the other hand some live casino players still think the sounds produced by other games still makes them feel like they are at a land based casino. Also some graphics and announcements about players registered, lost and gains cannot replace the unique atmosphere in a real casino.

Apart from having great and memorable experiences and moments while in a live casino, the player tends to increase their skills while playing and have more interactions with the live dealer for a more amazing experience. Therefore live casino is ideal to get that unique experience and brings the reality of a brick and mortar casino.