Jamie Gold

Jamie Gold was born as Jamie M. Usher, but after her mother’s divorce he took the name of his step father, Doctor Robert Gold. Jamie grew in Paramus, New Jersey, learning poker‘s secrets from his mother and grandfather, ex-champion at poker.

Name: Jamie M. Gold

Date of birth: 25, August, 1969

Residency: Malibu, California

  • He is the player with the most earnings at poker, having won 12 millions of dollars.
  • He won a WSOP bracelet.
  • He is a successful manager and producer.

 Gold began his career as probationer at an entrepreneurship firm, since the age of 16. He became a business manager before being 21 years old. In 1996 he founded his own firm, JMG Management.

Amongst his past and current clients, we can find names such as James Gandolfini, Jimmy Fallon, Lucy Liu, Kristin Davis, Felicity Huffman, Natasha Henstridge. Another famous name that had Jamie Gold as a manager, was poker player Johnny Chan. He became Gold’s mentor, influencing his game strategy in a positive way. In 2005, Jamie began participating at tournaments frequently.

Same year, in April, he won a $55 000 prize. In 2006 Jamie won the World Series of Poker, resisting more than the other 8 772 players. In the final, Gold eliminated the veteran Allen Cunnigham, one of his 8 adversaries. No one could stop him from winning that tournament, and the reward was the biggest prize to ever be present in poker’s history, an absolute record: 12 millions of dollars.

This fulminatory ascension brought some controversies as well. Crispin Leyser sued him, asking for half the earning according to an understanding they had before the tournament. The two poker players reached a compromise for an unrevealed amount of money. Jamie Gold was critiqued by the other poker players that participated at the WSOP in 2006 because he was talking about the cards he had, which is forbidden by the game’s rules.

He was practically playing with the other poker players’ minds, as he was sometimes saying the truth and other times bluffing. Jamie still participates at poker tournaments, but he decided to continue both his producer career as well as the one of pro poker player… the world still waits for him to confirm his value by winning another important tournament.

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